Baseball and alcohol go perfectly together. Chrissy Teigen decided to take part in a few pregame drinks before she threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers game the other night.

Looks like Chrissy Teigen has the same mentality I do when I go to sporting events, I will be damned if I am going to watch this game sober. Lets follow her day through her Twitter.

Finally the next day aftermath


Well seems like she had fun and even got to make a custom Dodgers jersey. What did she make? Nugz 40, why you ask? Forty chicken nuggets are her favorite drunk food. I don't know where she puts those forty nuggets, but I am willing to challenge her to an eating contest.

For apparently being as wasted as she was she did a damn good job pitching. Professional athletes in other sports have thrown pitches way worse than this. Good job Chrissy, now if only we could get you to root for a different baseball team.

Check Out Chrissy Teigen's First Pitch Below: