In Sweden this past week, a moose has been making waves. Moose are fun to look at anyway, and moose on the loose stories are always fun, but this one was up to something else: She was drunk. To make matters worse, it ended up stuck in a tree!

It started when our moose, who I’ll call Bullwinkle, found some fermented apples and snacked on them. Seeming to like said fruit, the moose returned to the tree, only to find herself stuck in it when she heaved her body into the branches.

Firefighters were called to the rescue, and they moved the branches back and released the moose. Interestingly, when she was freed, Bullwinkle then moved a few feet and decided to pass out on the lawn. She definitely had too much excitement that night.

I enjoy videos of drunk animals because we don’t think of our furry friends as being lushes, but there are always animals out there who aim to please. Birds, gophers, squirrels, and a host of other animals have been known to juiced from time to time and you’re sure to find video about it if you look. Anyone up for a beverage?