Her name is Jeena Roberts, 24, and since the release of the video she has pleaded guilty to driving drunk and killing 54-year-old Linda Smaltz in an accident near 4th and Avenue L back in October of 2010. After being sentenced to 15 years, the judge allowed her to spend Christmas with her family before reporting to serve her time on January 7th, but she never showed up.

In the video police officers bring Roberts to a patrol car. From the beginning she starts to argue with them and is not very cooperative. Roberts can be heard on the tape saying "I'm well aware of what happened." When the officer asks her what happened she responded, "I was driving out of control and was speeding; fast enough to make an accident."

While she is cuffed and sitting in the back of the patrol car, she is told that Linda Smaltz had died at the scene and that another woman, Linda's daughter, was seriously hurt. With her mouth hanging open, Roberts begins to sob and asks "Someone died? I killed someone?"

However, just moments later she becomes angry. She can be heard yelling and using vulgar language toward the officers and says it wasn't her fault. She goes on to tell the officers they're dumb and that she hates cops. That night, Roberts was read her Miranda rights and taken to the hospital to be checked out. An affidavit reveals her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

Since then U.S. Marshals found Roberts in her hometown of Houston and arrested her. She was taken back to Lubbock and now faces additional charges of failing to appear. That charge could add 10 more years to her already 15 year sentence.