Earlier in the year, Drowning Pool announced that they were splitting ways with their lead vocalist, Ryan McCombs. Since that time, they’ve hired a new vocalist by the name of Jasen Moreno, and they’ve recorded a new album which will likely hit stores in early 2013. Now the band has released their first single with Moreno, a song called “In Memory Of…”

The basis for the song comes from the death of Dave Williams, the band’s original lead vocalist, who passed away 10 years ago due to heart disease while they were on tour. In a statement released by the band, they stated: “This song is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has lost a friend or family member. This one is from us to you, Dave.”

This song gives a first listen to Moreno as frontman for the band. Though concert video has surfaced with him in that slot, the studio quality gives a much better listen to the sound that Drowning Pool will be going forward with.

While this song isn’t heavy, Stevie Benton says we can expect something a bit heavier with their upcoming album. Click here to hear that interview.

Here’s where to hear “In Memory Of...