A couple of prisoners hatched the great escape last week, hoping to break out by dressing like trash – literally. The incident went down in Brazil, and but their stinky plan failed to work.

The prisoners in question are Sidney da Cruz and Carlos Pereira, who waited until lunch to make their run for it. They crawled into trash bags near the rest of the trash, even getting the bags tied. Their plot was foiled when a prison guard saw one of the bags “breathing” and thought something didn’t look quite right.

Upon further inspection, the pair was discovered and may face more time in prison for their act.

The question still remains as to how the bags got tied while they were inside. An investigation is underway to see if there was a third party involved, including a look at the prison guards to see if one of them might have aided in the attempt.

The prison escape in The Shawshank Redemption is still in my mind the most legendary escape ever. It’s fiction, however, and planning it out would be nearly impossible in the real world. I can’t help but admire these guys for the simplicity of their act, and the fact that if they hadn’t been caught breathing, it might have actually worked.