I really got into Dream Theater's new album A Dramatic Turn Of Events when it first came out and then I found myself not listening to it as much after a few weeks but as soon as I checked out the new lyric video for "Build Me Up, Break Me Down" I realized it was time to go back and give it another spin.

The one thing about Dream Theater that held me back from going all-in on the band was the vocals but as time went on James Labrie's style really grew on me...which is really cool because now I've got a whole lotta their older stuff to get into.

Another thing I find myself really getting into these days are lyric videos - people are putting a lot of work into something that's not even considered the official video with the end result being a pretty tripped out game of "follow the bouncing ball".

Altering your state of mind is highly recommended before viewing.

A Dramatic Turn Of Events is out now on Roadrunner Records.