Be warned - Phil Anselmo said the new Down song is so heavy, it would make Black Sabbath cry.

While that assertion may send some people running the other way, it piques this ol' boy's interest. Not that Mr. Anselmo would bullsh*t about something so near and dear to his heart, but 'Conjure' is pretty damn heavy. In fact, I'd say it's heavier than that Cinco de Mayo gut bomb you have planned for tonight.

Down debuted the tune Saturday night at their show in Asheville, North Carolina to a crowd that I'm insanely jealous of right now. That's alright though - they're playing Rocklahoma Sunday, May 25. We'll be there and hopefully you will, too. Enter to win a pair of tickets to the festival here.

'Conjure' appears on Down IV - Part Two out May 13 on ADA.

[via Metalsucks]