Since Halloween is this coming Wednesday, all the parties are going down this weekend.  And if you're hoping to meet someone, you need to hear our list of Five Do's and Don'ts for Halloween Hookups.  Listen up Buzzheads . . .

1. DON'T Leave the Party Before Removing Their Mask

You know about beer goggles - well Halloween has "costume goggles".  So make sure you get a good look at the person you want to hook up with BEFORE you go home together. Whether it's a mask, makeup, or even just sunglasses, find a way to check out what someone really looks like before you commit.

2.  DO Wash Off Any Face or Body Paint Before Getting into Bed

And ladies, this includes glitter or heavy makeup.

3.  DON'T Forget to be Safe

Just because Halloween is a holiday where you pretend to be someone else for the night, that doesn't mean you're suddenly immune from STDs - wrap it up!

4. Do Role Play

You've already got the costumes . . . so why not play the part?

5. DON'T Forget to Bring a Change of Clothes

Because the only thing worse than doing the walk of shame in your clothes from the night before - is doing it in a costume.