A question that Cowboys fans and Cowboys haters have been arguing about the past few years.

I love my Dallas Cowboys, it is seriously the only reason I moved to Texas. However the past few years have been very tough as a Cowboys fan. I am talking about all of the week 17 losses. Every year it seems like this is the Cowboys scenario beat this team and you are in the playoffs. It is always one of our NFC East rivals knocking us out to. We all remember what happens in most of these scenarios. Tony Romo throwing a pick to end our season. Yes, I remember last year Kyle Orton was the quarterback in the last game.

Still we don't remember the bad defense or the good plays on offense we had in the game. We remember Tony throwing that pick to end the game. So I saw an article this morning calling Tony Romo a top ten quarterback. I seriously didn't know what to think about it. On numbers alone he is the greatest Cowboys quarterback of all time. Here in Dallas all we care about is how many Super Bowls have you won for us. That would be zero for Tony.

I can probably name ten other quarterbacks I would rather have than Tony. Here is what I want to know. If you are making a list of the top ten quarterbacks from the NFL last year. Does Tony Romo make your cut? I will be honest with you, I got him at number 12 on my list.