If you happened to turn on a NBA game yesterday you may have noticed some new uniforms on the players. Mainly the jerseys now had sleeves and one NBA superstar did not like them.

The Golden State Warriors were the first team to introduce sleeves to their uniform earlier in the season and I guess the NBA decided that every team should have one of these jerseys. Well, every team that played on Christmas day this year. Well the Mavericks had Christmas off and Dirk decided to tweet about the new jerseys.


If I am being totally honest, I actually enjoyed the sleeved jerseys. I know I am in the minority on this, but if the Mavericks came out with one I would buy it. I would settle for just bringing back the green retro jerseys every once in awhile.

Check Out All the Christmas Day Uniforms Below:

Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets/Getty Images
Oklahoma City Thunder and New York Knicks/Getty Images
Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers/Getty Images
Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs/Getty Images
Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors/Getty Images