Deuce is suing some of this former Hollywood Undead band members for assault and battery following an incident last May outside of a Los Angeles Club. He claims six men jumped him and a friend, citing Dylan “Funnyman” Alvarez and Jorel “J-Dog” Decker as two of the assailants. Deuce, otherwise known as Aron Erlichman, also claims the incident was filmed and that the friend suffered permanent damages. It's not known what damages he's suing for.

Deuce left Hollywood Undead in 2009, and he has made no secret that the split wasn't a friendly one. He cites his talent as being the reason he was unceremoniously kicked out of the band, saying:

I rose above them musically. Vocally I rose above them. Singing-wise I rose above them. Writing-wise I rose above them. They didn't want me to rise above them. They got jealous and I was forcefully, illegally kicked out, and I had to get lawyers involved.

Since that time, Deuce has been working solo, with his latest song being “I Came to Party.” He's released the official music video for that song, which you can see below. It's the second single off his album Nine Live, which was released back in April.