Ladies, this one is for you. Following in the footsteps of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, David Beckham is now doing Burger King commercials. In one version, the employee sees him even dreamier than he is, and in another, women are asking him to take his shirt off after he gets smoothie spilled on him.

In both, the soccer player is playing up the fact that he’s seen as a sex symbol, and with good reason. If I were David Beckham, I would play it up, too. It’s just a shame that my search for an extended version didn’t yield the results I was looking for – that being a version with him taking off his shirt.

Beckham isn’t new to commercials. During the Super Bowl, he bared skin for H&M, and with surprising reaction from some. While many of my female friends were drooling at the ad and rewinding it to view it again, some of my younger friends on Facebook lamented that he’s too old. At 37, this man is NOT old, and he still looks damn good.

Excuse me while I go look up that H&M ad on YouTube.