Training camps have some strange drills that take place, but this one I am sure had all the ladies in attendance loving it.

Dallas Cowboys have been practicing at their annual training camp in Oxnard, California. I know I wish it was still here in Wichita Falls, but that could be just me. Training camp is the first time of the season that the fans can see the team in action.

Well the lady Cowboys fans were in for a treat when the tight ends did the "Chippendale's Drill". This is where the tight ends attempt to catch the football, shirtless and while their coach is throwing ice cold water on their back. Tight ends coach Mike Pope says it works on concentration.

“I’ve got one that I did [Tuesday], where at the end of practice, I have somebody fire a ball at them. I collect all the ice water out of the Gatorade bins, and they take their shirts off, and just as the ball gets to them, I hit them in the lower part of their back with that ice water and see if they concentrate and catch that ball, because, I mean, it’s cold.”

I remember when I played football my one coach hated our punter. So he would go have him practice punting and then he told him to practice falling down. Seriously, he did that for hours. He would punt and then hit the ground like a linebacker knocked the crap out of him. These drills makes it more entertaining for the rest of the team, maybe not the players in the drill themselves.

Check Out the Chippendale's Drill Below: