Cowboys mania was running wild on Sunday night and one player actually helped out in a fight.

I was big fan of wrestling back in the day. Everyone will make fun of me for it, but I actually enjoyed the WCW more than the WWF (yeah remember when it was still called that?). I was a huge fan of the NWO and yes I still own one of those shirts. Unfortunately, the WCW collapsed and I honestly feel like it was because of the NWO. Seriously it seemed like everyone was in it at one point. WWF bought out the WCW and then it became the WWE, as we know it today.

Then we had this new wrestling organization start up, TNA. I got to admit I have not watched a lot of this. The only time I did was when they were broadcasting live in Wichita Falls and I was pissed. Hulk Hogan was still in TNA at the time and I really thought he was going to be in our town. Sadly, he wasn't and my childhood self was disappointed.

Well one of TNA's huge pay per view events was actually in Texas on Sunday. Slammiversary XII was in Arlington and if you are in Arlington you would hope some Dallas Cowboys would make an appearance. Defensive end, George Selvie did and actually was a part of one of the fights. He got a beer spit on him and actually jumped the little barrier to distract the guy fighting. Obviously it was all for show, but nice to see some Cowboys helping out.

Check Out George Selvie on TNA Below: