I saw this video yesterday of a Redskins fan crying about not getting anything at training camp. I've seen a lot of crying Redskins fans, so I didn't talk about it. Well a couple Dallas Cowboys fans decided to mock her and hilarity ensues.

So this woman had been at Redskins training camp since six thirty in the morning trying to get autographs. She is blaming the rant on her hormones because she is four months pregnant. "I didn't have anyone to talk to because I was by myself," she said. "So the only thing I could do was make a video about it. I am a die hard fan and I always will be."

I don't have a problem with a girl being this die hard crazy about her team. Hopefully I can find a girl like that one day.

Check Out the Crying Redskins Fans Below:

Now here's my problem with this, feeling like your entitled to free stuff at training camp. Sorry people your not. This is a grown woman crying like a child about not getting autographs. When I don't get autographs from my favorite players of course I am disappointed, but these guys are here to practice not sign autographs.

Well of course some Dallas Cowboys fans had to make a mock video of this. Three kids were at training camp crying because they got everything they wanted. Well, not exactly. They got a players gloves, but they were only signed by that one player. They got VIP passes, but they couldn't go stand on the field. Good job Cowboys fans. Also four days til the first Dallas Cowboys preseason game.

Watch the Dallas Cowboys Fans Mock Crying Redskins Fan Below: