A few days ago we heard about two planes hitting each other during a skydiving accident. We were told one of the parachutists was wearing a helmet cam and we now have that footage.

Now the amazing thing about this accident is that all nine skydivers and the pilots of both planes survived. The pilot of the damaged plane evacuated using an emergency parachute. The other pilot was able to land the plane safely. "We were just a few seconds away from having a normal skydive when the trail plane came over the top of the lead aircraft and came down on top of it," instructor Mike Robinson told the Associated Press. "It turned into a big flash fireball, and the wing separated. All of us knew we had a crash. … The wing over our head was gone, so we just left."

Now the guy that owns the helmet cam footage has been shopping it around to various news networks. Well NBC news forked up $100,000 to get the rights to the video. In my opinion some insane footage.

Check Out the Helmet Cam Footage of the Skydiving Accident Below:

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