Just so we are clear on this, we think this woman is out of her friggin' mind!  We do not condone or endorse anything she did.  This is your warning!  The pictures are NSFW and graphic!

21-year-old Jasha Lottin can't seem to understand why she has angered people with her choice of "artistic representation".  The aspiring model told Seattle Weekly,

"No idea why people care,"

This crazy woman and her friend John Frost reportedly purchased a 32-year-old dying horse that was scheduled to be euthanized.  Frost shot the horse in the head, then he and Lottin proceeded to skin and gut the animal before the photo shoot.  Lottin said she was doing this to "be one with the animal", but also because of her love of "The Empire Strikes Back".  According to a police report,

Lottin said in the movie Star Wars the character Han Solo cut open and animal with his light saber and placed Luke Skywalker inside the animal. This was due to Luke freezing to death in cold weather.  Lottin said there was nothing religious about what she did and didn't intend to offend anyone.

The police were alerted after the Lottin published the pictures online.  After investigating, the Washington County Sheriff's Office concluded that charges would not be filed.  According to Sgt. David Thompson,

"We've definitely never seen anything like that," Thompson says. "People do bad stuff to people and animals, but in this case it appears that animal was put down humanely, so there's really nothing to compare it to. It's just bizarre."

After posting the photos on the website "4chan", angry readers began harassing Lottin and Frost to the point that they removed their Facebook profiles.  When Seattle Weekly contacted Lottin, she refused to comment past saying she doesn't understand why people are fussing over this and that it was just a spontaneous thing.

Too bad we can jail this chick for being a crazy dumbass!  She doesn't understand why people have a problem with this?!  As Mike Hendren said after seeing these pictures, you think you've seen the dumbest thing a human being can do, then someone goes a little bit farther.