I know when I am drinking my beer, I want to make sure it is not going to go off like a grenade when I am drinking it.

During the summer we all see a crazy amount of craft beers that take over the store shelves. I am always down to try a new beer, but I always wait until a friend gives me a recommendation. Some of those beers can get pricey and I don't want it to taste awful. Well a craft beer in Oregon has one hell of a problem on its hands.

Apparently two of their beer brands are causing bottles to explode. One is called "Swill" and the other one is called "Beer No.1 Cherry Tart". Apparently they used a different enzyme in these beers that causes carbonation to build up and forces the bottles to explode. One guy told his story on a recent beer forum.

Some friends and I were at a Cabin on Mt. Hood here in Oregon last weekend and we brought some varoius beers including some bottles of 10 Barrel Swill. The 6 pack of Swill just sitting on the coffee table and untouched when one of the bottles just exploded, shattering glass everywhere in the room. Some of my friends were struck so hard that the pieces of glass left small welts on them. One piece of glass flew into someones open mouth, luckily they were able to get it out. It was a pretty scary event that happened out of no where.

The beer has since been recalled and they ask you to be careful of getting rid of bottles. Their instructions seem like they're asking you to diffuse a bomb.

"Consumers: if you have any Swill in your home, please do not open it, attempt to transport it, or return it to your retail store. Dispose of the product by following these steps: (i) Before disposing of any bottles of Swill, please put on protective gloves and eye wear; (ii) Place all remaining Swill bottles in a closed box and place immediately in a secured dumpster or trash container outside."

Well after reading this story I am craving a beer and I feel like blowing up the bottle afterwards with a firecracker.