I honestly never thought I would ever see my Dallas Cowboys wearing blue at home, but on Thanksgiving I was in for a surprise.

Now the Dallas Cowboys wear white on the road and at home. The only time we have seen the Dallas Cowboys rocking the blue jerseys is on the road where the home team will wear their away uniforms forcing the Cowboys to wear the "cursed" blue jerseys. I know I have seen Kansas City, Tampa Bay, and Philadelphia do this to the Cowboys. Now for some reason we have a new rule in the NFL that teams are only allowed to use one helmet the whole season.

Well since the Dallas Cowboys usually wear the white helmets with the 1960's throwback jersey on Thanksgiving, they had to do something different. Instead of mixing and matching the new helmet with the old school jersey, the Dallas Cowboys decided to bring out the regular blue jerseys. According to the Dallas Cowboys, they have not worn these jerseys at home since the Cotton Bowl days.

Now some fans believe these jerseys are cursed. Lets be honest, with the Dallas Cowboys fumbling the opening kickoff and Oakland running it in for a touchdown only twelve seconds into the game. I thought the curse was real, but thankfully the Cowboys pulled out a win. Now since the "curse" has been lifted can we please start seeing the blue jerseys more often. If you own a Dallas Cowboys jersey you own either the throwback or the all blue. I don't know a single person that owns the white jersey and I think the only thing that makes me mad with the jersey is how plain it is. It is all white with two blue stripes on the sleeves. Could we at least put some stars on the sleeves?