When you say you're a Metallica fan, it probably doesn't mean you'd name your children after their music. One couple is so taken by the band that they not only played “Master of Puppets” at their wedding, but now they've made a Metallica-inspired video to announce the birth of their son, who was named Dax Orion Diaz. It would seem this isn't the first child they've given a Metallica name to, as the video states Dax is the brother to Fio Lightening Diaz.

In the birth video, you see a pregnant Annette Ortiz-Diaz playing drums while Dennis Diaz plays guitar. They also give a background as to what Orion translates to, and then the video cuts to the newborn being placed in his mother's arms.

It's a fantastic tribute to the birth of any child, but you have to admit that few baby videos are set to Metallica.

See Dax Orion's baby video here:

See the Diaz wedding video, showing the couple playing “Master of Puppets”: