The next salvo in the world of reality TV has been fired. Spike TV is entering the fray this year with 2 trashy options for the “reality” genre. Your options are “Diamond Divers” and “World’s Worst Tenants”.

Here’s the synopsis on “World’s Worst Tenants”.

“Spike TV beats down the door of the most despicable, outrageous, dangerous and insane tenants in the new original series, “World’s Worst Tenants.” Premiering Tuesday, June 12 at 10:00 PM, ET/PT, the half-hour series follows Todd Howard, along with his team of eviction specialists, business partner Rick Moore and wife Randye, as they forcibly remove problematic tenants from any of the residential, commercial and retail units in which they manage…including an organized illegal fight club, a marijuana grow farm, and an unlicensed cosmetic surgery clinic.”

World’s Worst Tenants: Insane First Look

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Or maybe you like the “get rich quick” type of reality. Then “Diamond Divers” is right up your alley.

“Diamond Divers chronicles the dangerous expedition of this enterprising maritime crew as they trek halfway around the world, from Washington State to the infamous Skeleton Coast off the dangerous coast of South Africa, an area renowned for shipwrecks and legendary storms, to mine for diamonds. Meeting them in South Africa are two young, hotshot divers from Houston, TX, who will need to adjust to having to report to Captain John. They will target what is believed to be the original mouth of the Groen River, a coveted spot thought to have an untouched jackpot of diamonds hidden deep in the trenches of the ocean floor.”

Diamond Divers Will Sparkle On June 20

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