Believe me, I am as confused as you are.

The Beastie Boys have been following Adam Yauch's request since he died that none of their music be used in advertising. They are in the middle of a lawsuit with Monster energy drinks over one of their songs right now. Well according to a Rolling Stone article the movie 'Sabotage' failed at the box office because it was not able to use the Beasite Boys song Sabotage.

Yeah it sounds strange to me to. Somehow this guy thinks that if the song was used in the trailer the movie would have made more money. Speaking of Sabotage's offer, Mike D testified, "It felt like too much of an endorsement. We weren’t fans of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s recent work." Mike D added that while the Beasties could have used Arnold's money -- “We have not been able to tour since MC died. We can’t make new music.” – they're respecting Yauch's wishes regarding the use of the catalog.

In my opinion, this movie would have tanked either way. I did not see it, but it looked awful. I know marketing can help a lot, but nothing was saving this movie.