The last thing you want to happen after being gone for an extended amount of time is to come home and find that you had been robbed, especially if everything that was taken totals $36,000. So imagine Corey Taylor's surprise when he came home from a month long European tour to find exactly that. A police report filed with the West Des Moines, Iowa police department stated that the heist was committed by an apparent "friend" of Taylor and his wife while the couple was out of town.

Sure, material things are replaceable and given Taylor's success, he should be able to replace everything no problem, but among the stolen goods was a pair of bass guitars that belonged to late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, which would be near impossible to replace on a sentimental level.

Luckily thought the couple's friends have kept their eyes open looking for the missing goods. One friend was able to identify some of the equipment at a local music store, while another acquaintance apparently overheard the alleged suspect trying to buy some of the stolen gear back from a guitar store. The manager of the music store is holding onto the stolen goods and also trying to track down a few pieces that had already been sold. The Des Moines Register reported that some of the goods had been returned and police have advised Taylor to change the locks at his house as well as his storage units.