Corey Taylor, front man for Slipknot, passed out on stage in Dallas on July 10th. The incident happened during the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem festival, and was immediately following the band’s last song for the night.

Taylor is fine and it seems it was the result of getting overheated. He later Tweeted: “Hello Everyone. I’m fine – just overheated in Dallas last night. Ready and waiting for Houston! Thank you to everyone for your concerns!”

Given how much the band puts into their shows, it’s no surprise that one of them would pass out on stage. Moreover, their trademark masks and jumpsuits, plus thousands of screaming, sweaty fans, add fuel to the fire.

The video below shows Taylor looking a little woozy before the camera pans away. You see personnel rush onto the stage, and when the camera pans back, Taylor is being carried out by a few men. The sound quality isn’t great and the action takes place toward the end of the video.

How do you handle the heat at concerts?