Corey Taylor, frontman for Slipknot and Stone Sour, did an interview on the red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival last month. He was there for Dave Grohl’s documentary Sound City, so part of the interview was spend talking about sound boards and the film, but a good portion was also spent talking about Taylor’s upcoming new book, which delves into the paranormal.

The working titled for the book is A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Heaven, and it’s full of Taylor’s experience with the paranormal, along with stories that have come from friends. He seems to have had quite a few experiences of his own, and when the man interviewing him asked if Taylor knows why he’s had so many experiences himself, he jokes that it could be bad luck or the fact that he eats too many grilled cheese sandwiches.

At this time the book is scheduled to hit shelves this summer. Before then, we’ll see House of Gold and Bones Part 2 in stores on April along with the first of four graphic novels that tie in with Stone Sour’s last two albums.