I want to go to E3 and the guy who sucks at video games got to go. Life is not fair.

I love Conan O'Brien and love his clueless gamer sketches he does on his show. Mainly he does not like video games and he does not know how to play them. So lets send him to the biggest video game expo in the country and see what he does. Now E3 is not open to the public, so its cool he got to go. All the hardcore nerds like myself that will probably never have the opportunity to go are just jealous.

Well Conan tried out a bunch of new games, but it seemed like he enjoyed the project Morpheus luge game coming out. I think he enjoyed it most because he got to lay down. Also, if anyone out there ever wants to send me to E3 I would not complain.

Check Out Conan O'Brien at E3 Below: