Platinum Stages, a company offering stripper poles and accessories, has come out with a new way to provide the ultimate tailgate – a portable stripper pole.

The pole attaches to the ball hitch of trucks and SUVs, allowing users to put on a show anywhere, anytime. After you’re done with it, the product get tucked away in a convenient carry case.

The question is, at $449, will it sell?

The popularity of stripper poles has gone up over the past few years, which has lead to an increase of YouTube videos showing women in their basements trying to perfect the craft. Women are also learning that pole dancing is a great workout, and classes have been offered to teach how to use the pole properly.

At this point there aren’t videos that show a portable pole, attached to a truck, falling over, but will they soon hit the web?

Other poles at Platinum Stages start at just $150, and the company seems to be doing a decent business. It’s possible that before too long, you’ll be hanging out at a tailgate party and seeing your own personal, portable show.