Something very strange took place in San Francisco last night and almost a first in MLB history.

So the Reds and Giants played a doubleheader yesterday, to make up for a rain cancellation in Cincinnati earlier in the season. Well during the second game the Giants switched to their road uniform and the Reds switched to their alternate red home jerseys. The Reds also got to bat last in San Francisco, which is the huge advantage to being the home team in baseball.

Now the in the bottom of the ninth inning the Reds came to bat being down five to three. If the Reds would have found a way to win in the ninth, that would have been the first time in MLB history the road team would walk off in a win. I would have been so confused as a Giants fan last night tuning into the middle of the game. Road uniforms, my teams batting first, is it opposite day in the MLB today?