Our friends across the ocean seem to have a strange fixation with body hair. First we introduced you to the hairy stockings from china, and now a company in England has made a fur coat that's 100% male chest hair.

This sounds like a very expensive and very disgusting fur coat.

It's actually from a milk company, who did it to remind men to be manly - or something.  But that's not really the point of this post:  It's a COAT made of CHEST HAIR!

There's no word how many men's chests were shaved to make this coat happen.  But they say it consists of over one million strands of man fur and took a team of designers over 200 hours to put together.

The chest hair coat is selling for around $3,900 - although it's not clear how you'd go about buying it. Which is great, because if you did buy one, we can't be friends anymore.

Here, this sums up our feelings about this coat quite nicely: