I was combing the old interwebs earlier trying to find something to post in honor of All Hallows Eve when I came across this video of an audience reacting to "Halloween" from a Hollywood Boulevard theater back in October 1979.

For my money "Halloween" is the greatest horror movie of all-time followed closely by "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and watching this video made me reflect back to how much it freaked me out the first time I watched it. Like most, my mom wouldn't let me watch horror movies when I was a kid but I would sneak around and try to watch 'em when she was in bed but I could never make it more than a few minutes but as I got older I got deeper and deeper into the genre.

Thinking back, "Halloween" was one of the first horror movies I made it all the way through as a teenager and it's been a staple of my movie collection on both VHS and DVD ever since. To this day, I watch it more than any other horror flick and almost always watch it on or around Halloween and while it's never the same after you know what to expect, it's still creepy as hell!