Okay now that my interest is piqued even more for Rob Zombie's new witch flick The Lords of Salem, let's get a little more than 1:41 of the movie. Not that I'm bitchin', it's just that I'm ready for more.

After receiving mixed reviews after it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, I'm ready to make up my own mind about the movie. And while I don't necessarily love everything Zombie does film-wise, I make it a point to check his movies out and I guess since it's the first all original, non-animated release (I didn't care for The Haunted World of El-Superbeasto) since my favorite of his movies The Devil's Rejects, I have the same level of excitement to see The Lords of Salem.

According to the trailer it's gonna be a while before I have a chance to pick it apart since there's no official release date other than sometime in 2013. So like I said, I'm ready for more!