As a Mavericks fan, how can I not agree with Charles Barkley.

The NBA playoffs are in the conference finals stage right now and I haven't watched a single playoff game since the Mavericks got eliminated. I attended game four of the Spurs versus Mavericks series and was surrounded by Spurs fans. Lets just say one of the dumbest fans I have ever meant in my life was sitting ten rows behind me.

Everyone was standing up banging on their chairs or jumping around. This lady went and got security to get the ENTIRE section to sit down. So we would stop making noise during a playoff game. Why? According to her, she did not feel safe and felt the stadium was going to collapse. I swear, I could not make this up. I would like to thank the American Airlines security team for not making us sit down during a playoff game.

Well Charles Barkley has the same opinion I have on Spurs fans, they suck. Charles did have it coming to him, apparently he has been trashing the city of San Antonio the entire week. He also says to any Spurs fan that wants to go, he will beat their ass. If you are a Spurs fan reading this, I hate Yankees fans way more. Yankees fans are the worst fans in the entire would and I have been to Philadelphia wearing Cowboys stuff to an Eagles game.

Watch Charles Barkley Trash Spurs Fans Below: