Neil deGrasse Tyson Questions Scientific Accuracy of ‘Gravity’
Yes, we are well aware that the blockbuster film Gravity isn't meant to be a documentary.  And while most films take a great number of liberties with what can and should happen in certain situations, film makers should be well aware that when you make a science-based film, you're going to be held to…
What Would Happen If You Stopped Going Outside?
There's nothing better than sitting inside watching an all-day marathon of Breaking Bad, but eventually you’re going to have to go outside. And while it may be getting hotter outside, it can't hurt to spend a little time in the sunlight.
LEGO Criticized For Too Many ‘Angry’ Characters
When one thinks of LEGO, controversy isn't usually something that comes to mind.  But what if LEGOs were giving children the wrong idea about emotions?
Since their debut in 1975, the iconic LEGO figures have featured primarily happy and angry faces, but according to a new study, the ratio o…
Where’s The Paddle Mr. Principal?
When I was a student at Kirby Junior High School, Mr. Otis C. Polk, Sr. was our principal.  Or, as he told it, he was our princi-pal.  It was Mr. Polk’s way of ‘killing two birds with one stone”.  One, he was teaching us the correct spelling and usage of the word principal (as opposed to principle, …