The Olympics are kicking off tonight and this may be Canada's one chance to make a name for itself. But after their recent commercial they may not be too welcomed in Sochi, Russia.

It turns out that Russia is very anti-gay, and Canada doesn't agree with their views. So the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion has produced a commercial to protest Russia's views. And I think they got the message across.

The commercial opens up on the two man luge, which turns out is the gayest event you can compete in, other than figure skating.

The thing about the two man luge is that it features two guys sitting pretty much on top of each other on a tiny little sled. And it looks really gay.

The commercial shows the duo getting ready to blast off by rocking the sleigh back and forth, and by the looks of it you would imagine that this event was made for a little man on man action.

The video wraps up by stating "The games have always been a little gay,” and after watching I would have to agree.

At least Canada is trying to do something useful for once, even if they failed miserably.