A man in Poland is starting to question if masturbation really can make you go blind. He was caught pleasuring himself while in his car, and now he’s afraid he’s going blind.

The incident happened after a heavy night of drinking, when police found Rafal Ciesielski in his car with a pair of women’s stockings on his head and his hands… well, you get the picture. He was arrested and convicted of outraging public decency, but things just continue to go south.

Ciesielski claims that all he remembers about the incident was drinking the night before, then he had a black-out that apparently lasted into the next day, which is when he was caught. He believes his drink was spiked with something, which may explain his behavior.

Since that time, his vision continues to decline, now to the point where he can’t operate a fork lift at work. It doesn’t seem doctors have an explanation as to why his eyesight is deteriorating at such a fast rate.

On the other hand, Dr. Michael Ashworth has written that the myth revolving around masturbating and blindness doesn’t hold up:

If you are someone who masturbates, finds it pleasurable and wants to continue, pay no attention to TV show jokes about it causing blindness, or rumors of other terrible things that it can bring on.

Regardless, I’m betting Ciesielski won’t be getting out the lotion anytime soon.