Looking forward to Tuesday, February 1st that's when Treyarch will release the new B.O. downloadable map pack / expansion called "First Strike" on Xbox Live! It contains 4 all-new multiplayer maps including Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium, and Kowloon, as well as a new Zombie map called Ascension, HELL YEAH! Even though Black Ops has only been out for a short while I'm looking forward to playing the new maps, not bored yet but I'm getting close. The new expansion includes everything from small to large maps so there's something for everyone. In the meantime if things are getting a little stale head to theater mode and create a mini-movie showcasing your skills & kills or in my case getting PWNED...I'll be sharing with you some of my more hilarious deaths and TOTAL NOOB moments, unfortunately there's plenty of them so I'll have more than enough material to choose from. Join me on my Facebook page for even more EPIC FAILS & insane B.O. fun! Not to mention all the FUN-TAGES that are showing up all over the place here's one of my favorites so far:

If your on Xbox and want someone to run the flag, set the charge, stand on point in domination or be first through the door I'm your guy: CritterRKBA Game On!