Wichita Falls will be starting a cloud seeding project to help with the drought conditions, but apparently we just need a witch.

So I learned a new word today, dowser or water witch. Someone who uses rudimentary tools — usually copper sticks or wooden "divining rods" that resemble large wishbones — and what they describe as a natural energy to find water or minerals hidden deep underground. Sounds like a bunch of b.s. to me, but so did cloud seeding. The dowser says no scientist can explain how it works.

Luckily someone interviewed a geologist and he said if you dig deep enough you will find some water anywhere. Since we are in the bible belt I don't see our town paying someone described as a witch to come help us out. However if someone else in Texoma wants to pay him that would be awesome and hilarious.

Check Out a News Report on Water Witches Below: