Time again to throwdown in Falls Town as the clash of the unsigned bands continues with Buzz Brawl Round 4 winner The B-Team Heroes taking on The Campaign 1984. Check out their tunes below and then vote for which one you think should receive airplay on The Buzz.

If you or someone you know has an unsigned band and you wanna battle it out for some airtime, make your submission HERE.


The B-Team Heroes


The B-Team Heroes are a pop-punk trio out of Henrietta that specializes in slam-happy tunes that are sure to get the audience moving. Their music is as catchy as the bands that inspired them and it's obvious they're having fun doing what they do. And while they may consider themselves second-stringers, there's a good chance they'll one day be starters.


The Campaign 1984

'Queen of the Damned'

Loud, rowdy Rock n' Roll is what The Campaign 1984 specialize in. Their southern-fried tunes are aggressive as all get out but still catchy enough to appeal to the masses and satisfy the more finicky rockers. The guys have been making music together since 2004 and I have a feeling their patience and dedication to their craft will soon pay off.

*Voting ends Thursday, May 2 at 11:59 pm.