A car wash in Malaysia is proving that you really can have fun with your suds by offering free sex after your ninth car wash. Just like the promotional punch cards you might get for buying coffee, this car wash offered a reward much better than a free sandwich or hot drink.


Police were suspicious of the activity going on at the wash, so they raided the business. It was then that they found several patrons had reward cards.

To get the extra 'offer,' customers must send their cars for washing nine times within a certain period,’ Officer Emmi Shah Fadhil said. ‘The tenth car wash will entitle them to free sex.’

For those lucky customers who got to cash in on their reward, they had nine women to choose from. Those women have been arrested, along with four men who are believed to have been running the prostitution ring.

Do you think nine washes would be the appropriate number to cash in on sex?

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