If you're anything like me the only time you want a fast food burger is when they're not selling them. Well Burger King is going to try selling some of its burgers for breakfast.

Screw Wheaties, start your day off right with a burger.

The fast food breakfast market has become a big battle with fast food companies. Especially since Taco Bell started selling waffle tacos earlier this year. I have to admit, after I go out drinking I enjoy some McDoubles and McChickens from McDonald's. But every time I get there they stop serving dinner and switch to breakfast.

Looks like I may need to check out Burger King's drive thru instead. Over 5,000 stores have started selling some of the lunch items during breakfast. Its "Burgers at Breakfast" menu includes its Whoppers, Cheeseburgers and Big King sandwiches, as well as its Original Chicken Sandwich, french fries and apple pie. All I know is, if I am having a burger for breakfast I will probably need to go back home and take a nap.