Bullet For My Valentine has released a new song called “Riot,” which comes from their upcoming album Temper, Temper which will hit stores February 12. Though it's the second song they've released on the album, “Riot” is considered to be their first official single from the new record.

The lyrics from the song are inspired, in part, by real events, and Matt Tuck had this to say about the song:

It's not about what was happening in the U.K. about a year and a half ago when there were some riots kicking off. It was just more inspired by the events and, you know, human mentality when that kind of scenario kicks off really. So yeah, there's a couple of interesting stories going on on this record.

Temper, Temper” was the first song heard from the upcoming album, and the band is expected to announce dates for an upcoming U.S. tour sometime in the coming weeks.

Warning - explicit lyrics.