I had the pleasure of taking a short road trip with your gun totin', zombie wreckin' midday rock jock, CRITTER, to see Buckcherry perform live at Heritage Hall in Ardmore, Oklahoma with Taddy Porter and Aranda on Wednesday (July 6th).

The fact that Aranda pretty much destroyed the stage with their amazing vocals and impressive guitar playing, Taddy Porter brought their A-game with their bluesy southern rock style, and Buckcherry rocked our socks off with a high energy anything goes set - made me forget that we were in, what looked like, a 1970s high school gym - also known as Heritage Hall. Oh, and who puts a bunch of chairs on the floor directly in front of the stage at a rock concert?  The area in front of the stage should be wide open with plenty of room for the die-hard rockers to bang their heads and jump around.

Anyway, the show was awesome and the guys from Buckcherry were super cool during the Meet & Greet. Check out the photos of the meet & greet and the performances in the gallery above - and by the way, I think Critter's camera is as old as he is so we'll blame the crappy quality of the pics on that.

Check out this video of Buckcherry performing 'Sorry' during the show in Ardmore July 6th, 2011