I know I wouldn't pay this much for some underwear in my life.

One "Breaking Bad" fan is now the proud owner of a very intimate piece of TV history after paying almost $10,000 for Bryan Cranston's tighty-whities. The underwear worn by Cranston's meth-making character Walter White on the show's pilot sold for a $9,900 at auction. The sale, held over 10-days in New Mexico, was held by Sony Pictures to give avid viewers the chance to own part of the drama.

Other items which pulled in major amounts included White's inscribed edition of "Leaves of Grass," which sold for $65,000, while the character's Cadillac pulled in $19,750 and the pivotal pink teddy bear earned another $23,250. In total, the auction raised around $1 million, which will benefit Goodwill of New Mexico programs.