History was made yesterday during the Denver Broncos vs. Tennessee Titans game. The second quarter was winding down and the Broncos had the ball on their own 46 yard line but instead of punting the ball like most teams would do, they decided to line up and give kicker Matt Prater a shot at the history books.

Prater drove the ball thru the goal post for a 64-yard field goal that left the Broncos trailing 20-21 at the half. Prater's team mates immediately took to the field to celebrate the achievement even though the team was still losing.

The Broncos would go on to win 51-28. Prater talked about the kick describing it as "Such an awesome moment, I'm glad it came in a win. It was crazy, it was awesome because almost the whole team rushed the field after that kick. It definitely was a momentum swing."

Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The old field goal record of 63-yards has stood since 1970 although it has been tied three times since being set. Saints kicker Tom Dempsey was the first to hit a 63-yard field goal, which was the game winning score.

Dempsey's kick would remain alone until 1998 when Broncos' kicker Jason Elam made it from the same distance followed by Oakland's Sebastian Janikowski and San Francisco's David Akers who hit a 63-yard field goal last year.

Three of the five kicks over 63-yards were made in Denver, where the air is thinner due to the altitude and therefore easier for the ball to move. The air might have contributed to Prater's record breaking kick but you should also remember they were playing in 14 degree weather, meaning he was kicking an almost frozen football.

Prater described the weather saying, "It was a little tough [Sunday], especially the first couple kicks, but by that time my foot was numb anyway. I felt like I hit it pretty good, but I didn't know, but I honestly thought it was going to be real close, but they put the return guy back there and I saw him backing up and thought I was going to have to cover this.