Quick Wichita Falls, if we all pool our money together we can have this bad boy here for the Dallas Cowboys season.

The latest and greatest technology only lasts a few weeks it seems like. As of right now this is the world largest TV. The TV Company Titan has unveiled what they are calling the 'Zeus'. It towers at 26 feet by 16 feet. Zeus employs 4K, which is the equivalent of four times the sharpness of HD.

Zeus can be controlled with gestures, allowing users to change the channel with a wink. The screen, which adjusts its brightness depending on a room's light, can even be used to watch 20 channels at one time. Sounds like something out of Back to the Future 2. Before you get your pre-order in, the 'Zeus is going to cost you $1.7 million.

Check Out Some Photos of the Zeus Below: