A great video that will especially help the ladies when it comes to breaking the fart barrier. Exactly when is it appropriate to cut one in front of, or in ear shot of the one you love? A question that's plagued mankind for decades. I might have made it 3 whole days before blowing a warm kiss, a polite way of saying anal air horned my lovely girlfriend, now wife. She took it in stride & we've been together for well over 20 years! But seriously how long should you wait? Of course some will say it's never appropriate to engage in such behavior. Screw those people! There's more to farting than sound & smell, there's a certain comfort factor that's involved. It's like I'm saying I'm comfortable enough with you to expose my bowl's singing voice. I really feel bad for the ladies, for whatever reason it's never acceptable for a woman to have gas let alone actually fart. Well ladies that's all about to change!