Incubus front man Brandon Boyd has struck out on his own with his new solo project Sons of the Sea, after taking a little break from his main group, Incubus. He released an EP a couple months ago featuring four songs that he had recorded with legendary music producer, Brendan O’Brien (Incubus, Pearl Jam, My Chemical Romance) and he is preparing for the release of their debut, full length album on September 24.

In a recent interview with Noisey, Boyd was asked how his solo work differs from working with Incubus to which he replied “Being in a band is, in a really good way, more of a committee. So everybody has very much of a democracy. Sons of the Sea is just Brendan and I, so it’s like, ‘Do you like this?’ ‘Naah.’ ‘No, I don’t like that either.’  So it just goes faster. With that sort of rigidity, as a songwriter I can better sort of, channel what’s going on in my creative space right now…Brendan is very much a virtuoso on all the instruments on this album, but it’s really just the difference between a committee of two and a committee of five.”

So to get people excited about the upcoming album, Boyd has released a special video for "Come Together," which features him and O'Brien in the studio together recording the song. You can also find the other three songs from the Compass EP on Youtube.

“I had a strong visual reference for how I wanted the song to sound,” Boyd told Fuse recently, admitting that “Come Together” is about sex. “The scene in the movie Fast Times At Ridgemount High where Phoebe Cates comes out of the pool in slow motion, water spraying everywhere, and she undoes her bikini top to show the world the glory.”