Incubus may currently be on hiatus but that's not stopping any of the band members from staying busy. DJ Chris Kilmore has been spinning in the clubs, bassist Ben Kenny has been working on a solo album and guitarist Mike Einziger has been writing a film score. So what about vocalist Brandon Boyd? He's been pretty as of late also. Besides recently writing his third book, he has also been putting together a new group under the name Sons of the Sea.

The group just released their first single titled "Where All The Songs Come From," and will be available June 25 via a digital four-song EP called Compass through Avow Records, or you can check out the single below. Boyd co-wrote and recorded the album alongside longtime Incubus producer Brendan O'Brien and in a statement, the album was described as "colored by the sunny harmonies and quirky chords of the '60s and '70s."

When asked about the song, Boyd said "This is a piece about the moment when you understand that as good or as bad as something seems, it's exactly where you are supposed to be. If perceived as such, one can have access to a limitless inspiration, a 'place' of sorts that is the wellspring of creativity! Cheesy? Maybe. But fun? Hell yes."