Bob Barker, come on down and celebrate your 90th birthday in one of the coolest ways possible.

Yesterday the Price is Right released some awesome news on it's Twitter account. "We are excited to announce that Bob Barker will Celebrate his 90th Birthday on #PriceIsRight," the show's Twitter account posted on Tuesday. In a pre-taped appearance, set to actually take place on Nov. 5, Barker will return to his former stomping grounds to host a special showcase.

Per CBS, The Price Is Right will also honor Barker's big birthday with a week of shows (from Monday, Dec. 9, until Friday, Dec. 13) with on-air pet adoptions, humane animal treatment being the personality's literal and figurative pet cause.  Now I am not hating on Drew Carey, but lets be honest nobody beats Bob Barker. Remember, help control the pet population by getting those dogs and cats spayed and neutered.