You're young, you're in a rock band, you have plenty of fresh tattoo canvas to use and you want to make a statement....Ihop!  Wait..what?  If you missed Homebrew with Joshua David last Sunday, then you missed another mind-boggling, ball-scratching, finger-sniffing band story on how Joey of Blindfold Charlie got the idea of his tattoo from Ihop!

(Real audio recording of the awesomeness that is Blindfold Charlie)

I know what you're thinking right?  That's some good stuff!  But you want to hear the tattoo story huh?  Ask and ye shall receive...


But that's not all (TV Infomercial announcer voice)...The band, made up of Kyle Copeland (Guitar), Hayden Homen (Lead Guitar), Joe McKinnon (Lead Vocals) and Joey Cambron (drums), played two of their latest songs for our audio pleasure.

Crank it up and click play for "To Gentlemen I Say Yes Sir"